We are a new, small company which sells a unique range of well made and beautifully designed handbags, fun back packs, satchels and cross-body bags from Vietnam.

Our initial product lines also include water hyacinth bags hand crafted in the Mekong Delta and hand finished in Ho Chi Minh City.

We also market hand crafted lacquered bamboo and coconut bowls.

Our focus is in promoting fairly traded products made from natural and re-purposed materials which have a low impact on the environment at end of life.

 We also hope to develop a stable market for products ensuring a consistent income stream for the small group of producers, crafters and traders with whom we work

About Us

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   A note on CoronaVirus

All items currently in stock were purchased prior to August 2019 so were imported before the emergence of Coronavirus.  

We  use gloves. masks and sanitizer during the selection and packing of purchased items to minimise the possibility of contamination with coronavirus.  We have been maintaining the social distancing measures recommended by the Government and remain healthy.

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